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People make it a priority to invest in their image regardless of the concerns our economy presents. It has been proven before that the beauty industry is recession-resistant offering long-term stability in uncertain times. Microblading (officially introduced to the USA in 2010) continues to exponentially explode in popularity. With no shortage of clientele, this profession grants you control over your work schedule and finances while impacting your community. As a new artist you will create improved confidence amongst those who suffer from lack of hair growth, asymmetry, or scars on their brows. As you advance in your new career you may see clients with hair loss due to alopecia, trichotillomania or chemo therapy. The amount of gratitude your clients express after seeing their new brows for the first time is what makes this such a rewarding career field. Currently feeling complacent? Besides empowering clients to feel their best, you get to engage in fun and creative work. Each client will offer different obstacles and challenge you in new ways, keeping your job from ever feeling boring. Microblading will allow you to gain complete control over your schedule and create abundance in your finances without a degree.



With microblading courses averaging from 2-4 days and teaching only basics, feeling confident once being certified can be a challenge. Instructor, Carley Fletcher, is aware of the obstacles that new artists face. To ensure students are set up for success, not only does she provide mentorship after certification, but Carley also teaches the basics of creating the perfect brows and shares expert tips and tricks that she gained through years of experience. Understanding that each student has different needs and learns at a different pace, Fletcher Aesthetics has produced a course that teaches students in a group setting but also schedules 1on1 time while working on a live model to address student’s individual needs, allowing them to leave our course feeling educated and ready to confidently take on their own clients. 

Our intensive course includes a booklet that contains knowledge needed to immediately grow your business. You will find information on all topics including, but not limited to business structures, marketing ideas, color theory and setting up a successful procedure to create a self-sustaining stream of referred clientele.

Ensuring students are set up for success, a premium starter package will be provided. Our package includes top-grade microblading tools and needles for a minimum of 15 clients, a wireless MAST tattoo machine, and other necessary supplies that will last up to a year. 

After completing the course and receiving your certificate, the support doesn’t end. You can utilize 3 months of mentorship and coaching. Mentorship can include weekly phone calls or FaceTimes, a break down of each client, and physical help with up to 3 clients when Instructor Carley Fletcher travels to California. If a student needs further assistance, month-to-month membership can be purchased.

While Investing in Fletcher Aesthetics’ course is fail-proof so long as the student applies effort, to further validate a potential investment, It is encouraged for Microblading prospects to research other courses. Fletcher Aesthetics is confident that we teach and provide the best tools, information, guidance, and techniques to set our students apart from others in this competitive industry. sadly, It is common for other courses to leave students to fend for their own success of feel lost upon certifying. Fletcher Aesthetics makes it a personal goal to accompany students through their journey in creating a brand that lasts.




new artist cost

example : you book 3 clients a week.
$300 x 3 clients = $900 weekly
$900 x 4 weeks = $3,600 monthly
9-12 hours of work a week


potential starting monthly income

Multiply by 12 months.

$3,600 x 12 months = $43,200 annually 


potential starting annual income

Predicted with 3 clients a week, not including price increases and client growth.




average procedure cost

Example : you book 6 clients a week.
$500 x 5 clients = $2,500 weekly
$2,500 x 4 weeks = $10,000 monthly
experienced artist appointments take 2 hrs
This is 12 hours of work a week.


potential monthly income

Multiply by 12 months.
$10,000 x 12 months = $120,000


potential annual income

Earning a Six-Figure income in your first two years is extremely attainable.



Small group classes
(1:1 class offered for additional cost)

4 Day intensive course includes:

- Business detail booklet

- Microblading and shading manual

- Required consent forms for clients

- County application for body art license

- Premium starter package for minimum 15 clients

- Wireless MAST tattoo machine

- 3+ month coaching and mentoring

- one on one private learning portion

- Live model

- Full certification  

Cost : $3,900

Save $500 with early enrollment!


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