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Cancellation Policy

  • Clients more than 15 minutes late will be subject to rescheduling. A rescheduling/absence fee of ($100) will be added to your appointment cost. Please be on time to your appointment and plan accordingly. Clients who are up to 15 minutes late will be taking away from their numbing time. Numbing takes 30 minutes, if a client is 15 minutes late then they will only numb for 15 minutes.

  • Clients in TN have until 72 hrs ahead of time to cancel or reschedule their appointments. Clients in CA have until 7 days before their appointment to reschedule or cancel. Deposits will not be refunded. Deposits cannot be traded between clients. 

  • Clients who cancel or reschedule within their restricted cancellation/reschedule time (either 72 hrs or 7 days based on location) will be charged 1/2 their remaining appointment cost and will be required to place a new deposit to rebook. 

  • Clients who no show or cancel the same day will be charged 100% of their remaining appointment cost and will be required to place a new deposit if rebooking is desired.

  • Fletcher Aesthetics is NOT responsible for missed or forgotten appointments. Agreement to these terms will be required upon booking any service. In the event that these charges apply to you, Disputed payments will be fought and If needed, Fletcher Aesthetics will take clients to small claims court. In this scenario the client will assume all additional costs to do so In addition to their original policy charges. Appointments cannot be booked without agreeing to these terms.

Appointment Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • There is no guarantee for PMU results from Fletcher Aesthetics and students or artists working under named LLC. Not all skin will retain PMU. Fletcher Aesthetics' commitment to clients includes 1 free touchup in the event that NO INK RETAINED. A deposit is still required to book and upon arrival this assessment will be made by artist. If it's decided by your artist that no ink retained, a deposit refund will be granted.

  • PMU, especially microblading, most times will require a 2-3 month touchup (Not Included in initial cost). Some clients may need more than 1 touchup.

  • In few cases, Brow PMU may shift, some bladed strokes may not stay, and color may heal slightly different. If for any reason client is not happy with brows after initial procedure, refunds will not be granted. Since a  2-3 month touch up is considered a perfecting session, it will then be required to fix any imperfections in healed brows. 

  • Artists use disposable sterilized blades\needles and other disposable tools, topical and secondary numbing creams with multiple numbing agents, Perma Blend and Brow Daddy pigments.

  • There is little to no risk of infection with Fletcher Aesthetics sanitation guidelines. There is still risk of infection following clients appointment since brows will not be scabbed over meaning bacteria has opportunity to enter the open skin. Staph naturally exists on our skin no matter how clean you are, meaning even though the procedure area will be sanitized, it is beyond important that you do not touch your brows with anything, especially your fingers, following your appointment until at least the next day when scabs have hardened.

  • Fletcher Aesthetics is not required and holds no obligation to refund procedure cost or reimburse medical expenses in the event of infection or allergic reaction.

  • Fletcher Aesthetics is not required to and holds no obligation to refund any clients for any reasons.

  • Fletcher Aesthetics will not grant refunds nor provide payment for removal in the event a client does not like their brows.

  • As stated in cancellation policy, Deposits cannot be transferred to another person. Each person submits their own non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit.

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