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Cancellation\Tardy Policy

  • Clients are eligible to reschedule before their penalty time span one time at no cost. Additional Reschedules will cost $50/per and will be charged within 24 hrs upon receiving their reschedule confirmation.

  • Deposits will not be refunded.

  • Deposits cannot be traded between clients. 

  • Clients in TN have until 72 hrs ahead of time to cancel or reschedule their appointments to avoid additional fees. Clients in CA have until 7 days before their appointment to reschedule or cancel to avoid additional fees. 

  • Clients more than 15 minutes late will be subject to rescheduling to avoid impacting other appointment times. A same day rescheduling/absent fee of ($100) will be charged to the card on file. Please be on time to your appointment and plan accordingly.

  • Clients who are up to 15 minutes late will be taking away from their numbing time. Numbing takes 30 minutes, if a client is 15 minutes late then they will only numb for 15 minutes to avoid impacting other appointment times.

  • Clients who cancel or reschedule within their restricted cancellation/reschedule time (either 72 hrs or 7 days based on location) will be charged 1/2 their remaining appointment cost and will be required to place a new deposit to rebook. 

  • Clients who no show will be charged 100% of their remaining appointment cost and will be required to place a new deposit if rebooking is desired. Please show up to your appointment or communicate beforehand that you will not be able to attend your reserved time.

  • Fletcher Aesthetics is NOT responsible for missed or forgotten appointments. Agreement to these terms will be required upon booking any service. In the event that these charges apply to you, Disputed or failed payments will be pursued by Fletcher Aesthetics in small claims court. In this scenario the client will assume all additional costs to do so In addition to their original policy charges. Appointments cannot be booked without agreeing to these terms.

Appointment Policy

  • Client is responsible for following prep provided on booking site. Not following prep can greatly impact your results and/or waste your investment in your brows.

  • Children and young adults under 18 are NOT to attend the appointment under any circumstances. Childcare should be organized before hand. If client brings a minor they will be asked to reschedule to another day where they are able to attend without the Child. In this event, a same day/absence fee ($100) mentioned in the cancellation policy above will be charged to the card on file.

  • Please do not bring any visitors to your appointment (unless previosuly approved before attending). Additional bodies other than the scheduled client will be asked to wait outside the facility.

  • Facials and lash appointments cannot be scheduled for 2 weeks following the procedure. Please schedule beauty appointments accordingly.

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