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Watch out, Theres a new style in town!

Introducing Fletcher Aesthetics newest service, Nano Brows!

Do you want to learn more about this style? Click the 'learn more' button below to visit the page completely dedicated to information on our newest, most advanced, Superior Brow tattoo! Ready to just book it? Click the 'book now' button above to schedule this game changing style in the permanent makeup industry.



Fletcher Aesthetics' Specialty. The developed skillset of artist, Carley Fletcher, delivers the most natural looking brow specialized from your natural growth (or lack of). This is the perfect option for those who want to create the illusion of a fuller, better shaped brow that mimics natural growth. Microblading heals best on those with smaller to normal sized pores and may heal inconsistent amongst those who have heavily textured, oily skin. 


Ombre Brows

This style is for those who desire a more crisp brow. Results are expected to fade as much as 40% and can be built up in multiple sessions if the client is nervous about the color looking too saturated. This style is suitable for all skin types and heals most consistent.


Combo Brows

combination of microblading and ombre. Combo brows are a stunning style that creates fluff in the front with bladed strokes and finishes with crispy and dense ends. This may be the best option for clients who have their hearts set on Microblading but have a conflicting skin characteristics. Combo brows can be created on the first session however if the client prefers to start with their most desired style initially to see how they heal, Combo brows can then be created on the touchups of either microbladed or ombre brows.

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