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Helloooo Nano Brows

The superior brow tattoo

Hey Guys! It's Carley, your artist again! I am so excited to onboard this service for my clients because it really is such a game changer in the PMU industry and allows all clients to achieve that beautiful fluffy microbladed look regardless of skin type. I welcome you to read below as I introduce this new service!


So.. Whats the scoop?

This service has many names; Nano brows, Digital brows, Powder strokes, Machine strokes, ETC.

This Technique delivers everything that microblading lacks such as consistency throughout skin types, retaining vibrancy of colors, and minimizing the amount of trauma to skin while creating an incredibly natural finish.

How do nano brows achieve all this? This technique uses the same tool as ombre brows or powder brows, a tattoo machine! Rather than using the traditional shading method, an artist will create hairlike strokes without having to cut open the surface of the skin to deposit pigment like we would with microblading. The machine will use a needle to implant dots of pigment, leaving the skin intact, creating a stunning powdery hair stroke with the least amount of trauma possible. These strokes' width can be adjusted to mimic all hair thickness and color can be easily adjusted or enhanced without the risk of over saturating or scarring the brows on a touchup. This technique is safer for the health of the skin, reserves the vibrancy of the chosen pigment, can have much better retention results and can last more than double the time of microblading. This is by far the best option if you're looking to get the most out of your investment.

Why the price difference?

There are a few reasons but lets make this simple and use some bullet points

  • They last longer, possibly double the time that microblading does so you won't need touchups as often.

  • There is a very specific skillset required for this that I have spent hours practicing so my clients can have the best results in Nashville.

  • Color retains better in comparison to microblading so it is possible that clients may not need their 2-3 touchup (case to case basis).

  • The technique is universal where other techniques are limited to certain skin types for successful results.

  • These brows take double the time that microblading takes to complete.

  • This technique is easily managed/adjusted after healing.

  • Price is based off Nashville market.

  • PMU is an investment not just a service.

Can I add this on a touchup?

Can this style cover previous PMU? Yes! Of course it depends on how faded the previous tattoo is but in most cases we will be able to work over faded work from Fletcher Aesthetics (with work from previous artists the Appointment won't be considered touchup, and a new appointment must be booked).. Can nano brows be done as a touchup for regular touchup cost? No, This Procedure requires a technique and hair pattern that is much different from microblading meaning we will have to recreate your brows all over again. For Clients in CA a transfer fee of $275 can be added to your initial touchup cost. For TN clients, a Transfer fee of $200 can be added to touchup cost.

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